If you want to lose weight, get in great shape or have intense work outs, Wim Demeere offers you a selection of programs to choose from.

Strength training
Strength training is a proven way to not only get in peak physical condition but also become healthier and have more energy. This applies to both recreational practitioners who just want to stay in shape as well as to professional athletes who need every edge they can get over their competitors. Using a variety of training methods such as free weights, machines, elastic bands or Swiss balls, you become stronger, faster, get more endurance and even become more flexible. This makes strength training one of the most versatile and useful training methods around. Whatever your goal may be, strength training can help you get there.

Obesity is the plague of the 21st century. More people than ever are victim of an unhealthy lifestyle that leads to being overweight, with sickness and even death as an result. But worst of all, obesity lowers the quality of your day to day life leading to mental exhaustion and depression. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Over the years Wim Demeere has counseled numerous clients in reducing their weight and getting their good health back. Clients receive personalized training schedules and dietary guidelines to get rid of the weight so they can fully enjoy their lives again.

Sport-specific conditioning for martial arts
Most competitors agree that a fight is lost or won in the gym during training. If you don’t prepare to the best of your abilities, you simply can’t be at 100% of your potential the day of the competition. As a former professional athlete, Wim Demeere knows the value and necessity of a detailed and scientifically sound training schedule. He has extensive experience preparing full-contact fighters for both national and international events.

The training schedules are made in co-operation with the athlete’s main instructor and focus on increasing his physical attributes: speed, strength, endurance, agility and many more are trained to give the fighter that much needed edge over his rivals.

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