Martial Arts

Wim Demeere offers a variety of martial arts in his Personal Training workouts. Each training session is adapted to take in into account your goals and fitness level. Whether you’re a competitive martial artist or just want to get in shape while having fun, these programs offer just what you are looking for.

Sanda is the Chinese equivalent of kickboxing. It is a full-contact sport that incorporates punching, kicking and knee-strikes along with throws and takedowns. Its particularity is that contestants fight on a raised platform called a “Lei Tai”. This refers to an ancient Chinese tradition in which fighters tried to force each other off the platform to win the contest.
Wim Demeere won the national title four times in the heavyweight division and won the bronze medal at the 1993 world championships. He is also the former national trainer of the Belgian Wushu Federation’s national sanda team.

Combat Sanshou
A hybrid style that combines techniques of several Chinese martial arts with only one focus: practical fighting. Sanshou has no forms or pre-arranged techniques. It allows total freedom to express yourself in a combat situation. This makes it an ideal compliment for practitioners with a competitive background (Boxing, mixed martial arts, muay Thai, etc.) who want to increase their street survival skills.

Muay Thai/Kickboxing
Muay Thai is often called “The hardest sport on earth” and with good reason. This national sport of Thailand is a brutal yet elegant martial art that teaches ruthless techniques to strike the opponent down. Practitioners are taught to use fists, feet, knees and elbows with tremendous power while training for increased stamina and endurance.
Kickboxing is a similar sport but it doesn’t allow knee and elbow techniques. Instead it combines arm and leg techniques in complex and versatile combinations.

Tai Chi Chuan
In the West, tai chi chuan is mostly known as moving meditation or some sort of anti-stress exercise. Though these are aspects of tai chi chuan, it is foremost a powerful and effective martial art. It alternates slow and fast training methods to teach the practitioner to avoid using brute strength and not contest an opponent’s strength.
Wim Demeere teaches tai chi chuan forms, partner drills (“pushing hands”), weapons training and self-defense applications.

It doesn’t have to take years to learn how to defend yourself. With a select few effective techniques and the right mindset, you can go a long way in keeping yourself out of harms way. This course teaches you not only how to avoid being a victim of violence and crime but also how to get home in one piece if it cannot be prevented.

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